Occupational Testing


Occupational Testing

We’re available for testing services around the clock. On call 24/7 for post-accident and post-incident at 780-623-3914, and walk-ins are available during regular business hours. All this while keeping your costs low, with no hourly rates, just a flat fee.
Multi-Test also understands that in our line of work: confidentiality is key. We take pride in the fact that we keep all information private and secure.
We do third party testing through DriverCheck, Escreen, Cannamm, and SureHire.
Lab confirmations are done through Dynacare.
Our occupational testing services include: (please click to enlarge)

Our certified drug and alcohol testing technicians are trained in breath alcohol, saliva alcohol, saliva drug, urine drug, hair, and nail testing. We provide accurate results, in a professional and confidential, yet comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Keeping your employees safe has a lot to do with what’s around them. Because they don’t have 360-degree vision, they need to rely on their hearing as well. But what if noise exposure is affecting their hearing? Audiometric testing on a regular basis can help identify hearing loss before it becomes a problem at work. We have a sound-proof booth complete with audiometric testing equipment right in Lac La Biche, and provide immediate results.

For the health of your employees, you want to make sure they aren’t breathing in harmful particles on the job site. So, you need to make sure the mask they’re using is the right one for them while they’re doing even the most basic of tasks. We can test for that to the CSA’s standard Z94.4, using an OSHA-approved Portacount 8030. We provide both Quantitative and Qualitative Testing. The masks we have on site to test are (all small, medium, and large sizes unless otherwise noted):

  • • 3M 6500 Half
  • • 3M 6000 Half
  • • 3M 7500 Half
  • • 3M 6000 Full
  • • Scott 7420 Half
  • • Scott AV 2000 Full - small/large/x-large
  • • Scott AV 3000 Full
  • • Scott AV 3000 (Sure Seal) Full
  • • MSA 4100 Full - medium/large
  • • North 5500 Half
  • • North 5400 Full
  • • North 7600 Full
  • • North 7700 Half
  • • North/Honeywell RU6500 Full - medium/large
  • • North/Honeywell RU88001 Half

We bring in an LPN to complete Fit For Work Assessments and industry-specific medicals. These can be done to determine whether an employee can do their day-to-day tasks competently and safety. They can include certifying them to drive, work in heights, requiring vaccinations, and more. Making sure that they are both mentally and physically fit can go a long way to ensuring safety on the job site.

This test is to show whether your employee has any signs of a restrictive or obstructive lung disease. It measures how much air they can inhale, then exhale forcefully which detects problems related to asthma, emphysema, severe bronchitis, asbestosis, and silicosis.